May 3, 2007


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1 lb. well-trimmed boneless beef top
sirloin steak, 1 inch thick, cut into 1 1/2 inch cubes
1 tsp. each garlic powder,
lemon-pepper and char-grill
2 tbsp. butter (divided)
1 med. onion (sliced thin)
1 each lg. green and red peppers (cut
into rings)
2 (6 inch) pita bread rounds (cut
into halves)
Tomato wedges
Parsley sprigs
Place steak cubes in a small bowl; sprinkle with garlic powder and lemon-pepper
seasoning. Set aside. Over medium-high heat, sprinkle char-grill seasoning into a
large iron skillet. Add one tablespoon butter, melt and add beef cubes. Cook 5 to
7 minutes, turning once. Remove beef cubes to heated platter to keep warm. Add
reserved butter to same skillet and melt. Add onion and pepper rings. Stir fry 3
minutes. To serve, arrange pepper rings on platter, alternating colors. Spoon
beef cubes inside and outside of rings.


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