May 30, 2008

FIG Recipes

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Take 1/2 lb. od plain wholemeal biscuits, 1/2 lb. figs, 2 ozs. nutter, 1 heaped tablespoon wholemeal flour, grated rind of 2 lemons and water. Grind the biscuits to flour in the food-chopper. Wash, stone, and chop the figs. Grate off the yellow part of the lemon rinds. Rub the nutter into the biscuit-powder. Add figs, lemon peel, and flour. Mix with enough water to make a paste stiff enough for the spoon to just stand up in alone. Be very particular about this, as the tendency is to add rather too little than too much water, owing to the biscuit-powder absorbing it more slowly. Put into a greased pudding-basin or mould. Steam or boil for 5 hours. “Ixion Kornules” may be used instead of the biscuits, if preferred. They save the labour of grinding, but they need soaking for an hour in cold water before using.
Well squeeze, add the other ingredients, and moisten with the water squeezed from the kornules.

One pint of well-steamed pearl barley, two cups of finely chopped best figs, one half cup of sugar, one half cup of thin sweet cream, and one and one half cups of fresh milk. Mix all thoroughly, turn into an earthen pudding dish; place it in the oven in a pan half full of hot water, and bake slowly till the milk is nearly absorbed. The pudding should be stirred once or twice during the baking, so that the figs will be
distributed evenly, instead of rising to the top.

2 c. pulled figs
3 c. water

Wash the figs and remove the stems. Put them into a preserving kettle with the water and allow them to come slowly to the boiling point. Simmer gently over the fire until the figs become soft. If they are desired very sweet, sugar may be added before they are removed from the heat and the juice then cooked until it is as thick as is desirable. Serve cold.

Cook three fourths of a cup of tapioca. Have ready two cups of finely sliced or chopped tart apples, and one cup of chopped figs, which have first been lightly steamed. If preferred, raisins may be used in place of half the figs. Put the fruit in the bottom of the pudding dish, turn the tapioca over it, and bake till the fruit is very soft. If the apples are not very tart, sprinkle the juice of a lemon over them before adding the figs and tapioca.

Look over carefully, and select only such as are perfectly good. They may be served dry, mixed with bunches of raisins, or steamed over a kettle of boiling water. Steamed figs make an excellent breakfast dish, and are considered much more wholesome then when used dry. Steamed raisins are likewise
superior to dried raisins.


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